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Here are some things I posted on the BAW Discord channel the day I got back from the event.  I'll add a couple of things as I'm not as limited in length and I feel less need to self-censor here. What can I say? It was great. Wednesday was great, Thursday was totally Aweseome. Friday was a bit of a lull by comparison, but that's ok; let me rest for Saturday, which was also Awesome for different reasons. The Pledge class for 2021 kept me busy. You guys were fantastic. Too bad about the paddles; but they worked out for signatures. (Broke the first one on the first pledge I paddled; "swat", "swat", "swat", cracked). Eric, Sorry you got picked on so much. We had one mean brother that insisted on making it rough on the pledges (I of course was always sweet & gentle with the paddle :smile: ) I'm afraid the "bad brother" (RedRump) & I got Eric a bit harshly after hours (but that boy has a iron butt). For my designated Little Brother, sorry you had to drop out; maybe you'll do it again next year. We never did get Eric to make it through the Greek alphabet. Though by the end, I think all the pledges could recite the full names, positions & city of each host; as well as the original founding date, etc). And the Bad Ass Hell weekend pledge line-up (gauntlet)...damn, you never seen so many Red & Purple butts. :smile: (We got a little extra assistance from a couple of doms that happened to be standing by. Jonny, thanks for adding your "helpful hands' lol.)  I Also need to thank the PM for coming up with the idea.   Spankopoly & Spank poker were also a great time. Pledge Kev got to take some sweet revenge on yours truly in the poker game (lady luck was definitely Not with me).  Of course I Had to play; a poker game where the bets are but swats?  What country boy that happens to be a spanko could resist that? That last hand; still can't believe he bluffed all of us with two 4's. (But you try calling a 20 swat bare butt bet when you haven't been spanked in 2 years & all you have is two Kings; darn right I folded. That limited to damage to 10 frat paddle swats on bare). I got to exact a Little revenge when I finally won a hand. Spanked across Parliament was also great fun...it was hilarious.  Perhaps a bit of overacting; some of the "boys" acted like those swats actually hurt.   The plot eludes me, but I think the pool boy did it. :smile: Unfortunately there's no way to attend Every event. And it had to eventually end :anguished: Until 2022! (edited)   One last thing since I've started. Want to thank the people that stopped by to chat, and Especially the guy that got over my knee that last night. My short red paddle I can slip in my back pocket was an afterthought; it sure came in handy (and you took it so well). I thought 12:30am - 2am monitor duty at the hosp. desk would be boring. I brought a book but didn't read a bit. (David, yeah I'll get back into it...I have to find out what a "Taltos" is and why my ptbf keeps comparing me to one). Now the bad (well not really bad).  Friday was pretty...meh.  No one seemed to be playing outside or in the dungeon.  It seemed everyone had retreated into their rooms.  There was probably a lot of private 1 on 1 play going on.  But that seemed to be over Saturday morning.  I'm not sure why.  Part of it could have been preception instead of reality.  Maybe because my Wed & Thurs were full of spankings given, and I had a full plate during the day, the evening was a letdown.  (That morning, I went on the walk with Dave, breakfast on site, then I had dungeon monitor duty (gave my relief 12 swats with a paddle for being 12 minutes late...lol), Then I went to set up spank monopoly at 3:30-5.  I ended up not playing myself because 1) I didn't like some of the rules, 2) they already had enough people and 3) I was more interested in the spank poker game, which I did participate in.  Then, according to the schedule, we had a Bad Ass pledge class meeting from 7:30-8:30pm. But things seemed dull that evening, with no one or very few out in the dungeon or elsewhere. So by Friday night 9pm or so (early for me), I was in my room wondering why I came and if I should call it an event and cut out early.  Of course I had a shift Sunday morning 12:30 to 2am, but someone else could cover that.  But then I don't like cutting out on work I've promised to do, even if it is trivial.  Also, I'd had a terrific Wednesday & Thursday, so maybe Saturday would be great too (it turned out that it was).   Part of that was the BAW hell week / pledge events, which I volunteered at a Frat Brother as an afterthought.  (Funny, that's twice something I just added on as an afterthought turned out to really save the day for me, the other being bringing the short red paddle with me to my monitor duty Sunday morning).    
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