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On every occasion you either access or allow access to this website, you agree to be legally bound by our terms and conditions as stipulated below.

These terms and conditions may from time to time be amended or updated with or without notice. All services and any offered products including free content are subject to our terms and conditions. Our Terms and conditions were last updated on March 16th, 2022.

These terms and conditions apply to all registered users and Guests of this site. If you do not accept these terms then you should immediately stop using this Website. Your use of the Website confirms your acceptance of these terms. We will not be liable to you for any interruption or delay that you experience by accessing the Website, whatever the cause. operates security measures designed to minimize risks such as spamming and hacking, however we do not warrant that functions contained in the Website content will be uninterrupted or error free. In the event of any malicious attack(s) by virus, Trojan horse or any other software designed to damage or harm our servers or those of our hosting provider's servers we will not be liable for any damages or loss (irrespective if such loss or damages are the result of a direct or indirect attack) on our or our hosting provider servers.  Further, you agree we are not responsible for any flaw, lack of upgrade (whether available or not) to any and all technology used on this site, including (but not limited to), all scripts, servers, hardware, software, communications, documentation and billing and agree we shall not be held liable for any loss under any circumstances.


You agree and acknowledge that this is an adult website intended for a mature audience of over 18 or indeed the legal age for viewing adult content within your particular geographical area according to the legal requirements of whichever country you reside in. In any event the minimum age required by is 18 and you confirm that you are least this age before continuing. You further agree and understand the nature of and that graphical depictions, pictures, video clips, conversations, blogs, groups, polls, comments and any other types of media regarding adult men and discipline. does not tolerate pictures or discussions or any other media regarding minors. This is an adult site only. If you see anything that breeches our policy please use the report 'item' function on the item in question and a moderator or admin will investigate and where appropriate take action, which may include deleting the item in question and / or banning the individual that made the post.  This includes polls, forum posts, video clips, images and fictional works. Fictional accounts involving minors are forbidden on this site, regardless of theme. Non-Fictional accounts involving minors are again forbidden, regardless of theme even where they are historical accounts.

Video clips where the models are or appear under 18 years old are forbidden, with the exception of studio clips, whom warrent that the age of their models according to record keeping requirements and under US law 2257. Images where the subject is or appears to be under 18 years old are forbidden, unless posted by a studio certifying their models are over 18 and  meet the requirments of US law 2257. You agree that by submitting any material to us you will not post any topics, documents or instant messaging: Which is threatening, defamatory, intentionally offensive abusive, liable to incite racial hatred, obscene, in breach of confidence, in breach of privacy. That is discriminatory against race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender. Which constitutes or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise be contrary to the law of or infringe the rights of any third party, in or That is in breach of the rights of any third party which is technically harmful (including, without limitation, computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, harmful components, corrupted data or other malicious software or harmful data). Which contains off topic material not suited to the site.

Images containing cartoons or artwork previously publicly available prior to US 2257 are permisable and will be evaluated once posted by either an administrator or moderator.

This is an adult M/M spanking site, therefore material and content involving females are not welcomed, there are many such sites widely available as an alternative to choose from. Likewise, you may not post material that is more about sex than about spanking. This includes (but is not limited to) anal sex, oral sex, fingering and masturbation.  You may also not post obscene material. In order to clarify obscene material includes (but is not limited to) water sports, involvement of animals, scat, rape (acted or not), incest and violence. You further agree that if you knowingly send any material which is technically harmful that retains the right at its sole discretion to pursue you for all legal fees (including its own and those of any third party), damages and other expenses that may be incurred as a result of your actions.

You further agree that shall not be held liable for any loss whatever if you knowingly give personal details to a third party (including members of this site) over our communication network (including, but not limited to email, instant messaging, chatbar, and any feed posts) such as (but not limited to) your email, telephone number, pictures of you or personal address.  It is your responsobility when giving out personal information on this network ( to satisfy yourself that is both prudent and safe to do so. We will NOT be held responsible for any actions you take, or information you give to others or any concequences as a result, intentional or otherwise that may happen due to such disclosures. 

Similarly we will not be held responsible for any concequences arising from information, that you have given to another member, (prior or past) whom then in turn passes this information to others, this includes all legal costs and you indemnify from any lawsuits or other remidies arising from such as issue.  You further agree to cover our costs if any data is required in respect of any legal action you decide to take, which may only be provided by means of a court order.


You agree not to upload or distribute content that is subject to copyright protection, regardless of location, for example international or local unless you have permission to do so. You further agree that you will be held personally responsible for any law suits or prosecution whether civil or criminal for any breeches of copyright and that will not be held accountable for your actions. The moderators of the site will remove any obvious copyright breeches and will fulfil requests under the Digital Millennium act. Do not take it upon yourself to become our police, we only respond to requests from original content owners. With all due respect we have no idea whether a copyright violation is true or not if reported by a third party. The only exception to this rule is where the 3rd party has proof of representation. If you make public accusations, demands or insinuations on or about the site via the site feed or via email or by use of other media platforms including blogs, groups and forums and/or instant messaging whether accurate or not, you will be deemed not to have followed the correct process, in particular until an investigation has been conducted such accusations, demands or insinuations are not valid and may negatively impact another members good standing within the site community and/or the global community as a whole.

We expect our members to be tolerant and respectful towards one another. In these circumstances and where it is clear that you are not the original content holder and have not claimed ownership but have made such public accusations, demands or insinuations your account may be suspended or terminated. In this event all material you posted including clips, images, polls and text may be summarily removed and your use of this service may be permanently terminated. Your IP address may also be blocked and you may not circumvent this process by creating a new account under another name, or using services such as a VPN as a means of masking your true IP address, any atempt to regain access after you have been banned, regardless of technology used or alisas is prohibited. Termination or suspension of your account is at the administrator’s or moderators discretion and there is no appeal process.


You agree not to conduct activities for the purpose of leeching and distributing content without the original content owner’s permission. While this is a niche area of interest and of course inevitably content will on occasion show up on other sites, we deem this as bad practice and a violation of our terms and conditions. Any member found to be behaving in this manner will be banned from the site permanently. You agree not to create a new ID to circumvent the ban and further understand that legal action may be taken against you if you do so. You may share content however if you have the original content owner’s permission, this is particularly applicable to profile images and we will enforce breeches of profile image leeching. Please consider the moral implications of sharing individuals profile pictures on the internet.

If a clip or photo has been uploaded and you make a claim of ownership demanding its removal, your wishes of course will be honored; however, you accept that in this event it is unfair to members whom do share that you should not continue to enjoy unrestricted access to others content. You therefore accept that under these circumstances your membership level may be changed to 'leecher' this means effectively you will no longer have access to the sites video or photo (advanced photo) modules. The removal of content access privileges will be at the site administrator’s discretion and depends on various factors including how widely distributed the content in question already is as well as the tone and manner of the removal request.


The site as a social network provides instant messaging and email facilities both internally to the site and externally through your registered email address. The site will send you emails to your registered email address which includes notifications (or alerts) of any replies or messages you may have received, this may be a personal message, or a comment. You can unsubscribe from this process by accessing the privacy options in your account. You can do this from the main menu screen under account, then privacy options. It is your responsibility to decide which features you wish to use including email notification messages and alerts. You agree not to hold, the site owner, administrators or moderators liable for any loss, embarrassment or damage as a result of any privacy settings activated on sing-up as default or subsequently changed by you or at your request. In addition, you agree not to hold, the administrators or moderators responsible or liable for any loss of emails or instant messages whether internal to the network or external including (but not limited to) hardware or software failures.

You agree to use the internal email and messaging system responsibly and not to flame, use abusive language, make accusations, racist or sexist comments of any kind or discuss any illegal activities. You further agree you will not use these services for the purpose of stalking or spamming. has an 'unfriend' feature available on the profiles of other members or by hovering the mouse over the mini profile on the feed page, you can stop unwanted contact this way and also by using the various restrictions in the privacy settings of your account. To access simply go to account from the home page and then privacy settings. In addition, you agree that any derogatory, foul or illegal comments made by another member towards you will have limited actions on what the site owner, administrators or moderatos can do. Once such an issue has been reported and confirmed as abusive and / or unacceptable the perpetrator may be permanently banned, suspended or warned. In any event you agree the limitation of our responsibility is to the termination, suspension of an account or by issuing a warning.

Any further action must be instigated by you should you wish to do so and will not be involved in such action unless required to do so by either law enforcement agencies or a court having appropriate jurisdiction. Enforcement actions will always be carried out against reported abuse problems and you agree that any comments, emails or instant messaging sent through the network that is abusive sent by you may result in the termination or suspension of your account without notice. The site owner and administrators have sole discretion in determining what is abusive and what is not and you agree such a decision will be binding. You further agree that should anyone take further action against you for abusive behavior, including (but not limited) to racism, discrimination, abusive language, threats or any other unwanted acts that you will not hold under any circumstances, the site owner, administrators or moderators responsible for your actions. This includes the site script, site features and our hosting company. You agree to take responsibility and deal with any litigation or investigation yourself and not involve, its site owner, the administrators or moderators.


We do not care for being the biggest site with the largest so called 'membership' as by and large such claims are false. We prefer quality and want to enhance our member’s experience. After input from our members, any inactive accounts 365 days or over can and will be deleted. This gives a much truer perspective of the site and saves members viewing profiles of those whom clearly have little intention of returning. You accept and agree that this policy is binding. Once an account has been deleted, profile, profile pictures and so forth will be removed and we will not be held liable for any lost content whatever. You are of course free to recreate your account in this situation if you so choose. The policy while currently set at 365 days is subject to review at any time and may be changed with or without notice, though we will always endeavor to do so. ACCOUNT DELETION / REMOVAL Your account together with all uploaded content and text may be removed for various reasons such as breech of these terms and conditions, failure to login within our set account inactivity period or abuse. In addition, if you choose to leave the site and no longer wish to be an active member it is your responsibility to delete your own account and / or any associated content.

We will not be held liable under any circumstances for any content you forget to remove and neither shall we be obliged to remove such content after your account has been deleted / removed. You agree that your account, profile and associated content is your responsibility and you will not make any demands or representations to the site owners, moderators or administrators regarding data upon deletion / removal of your account. You agree that the site owner and administrators may at any time remove your account and/or restrict access at any time and are not obliged to provide a reason for doing so. In the event your account is removed by the site owner/administrators neither the site owner, administrators or moderators shall be held liable for any loss of content including photos, video clips, text posts such as in forums and all other media content uploaded or directly entered as text. The site owners, Administrators and Moderators shall not be held liable for any loss whatever in the event your account is terminated or suspended, regardless of reason including those in this policy and those due to system failures or the need to restore the site to a previous point and where an error has been made regardless of blame. You acknowledge and agree there is no tangible material on the site other than digital content and you further agree not to pursue the site owner, administrators or moderators for any lose whatever. In the event it is necessary to terminate or suspend your account you agree without exception that we may retain the record of your IP address in order to block further access.

This record will only remain in our database indefinitely and will never be released publicly unless we are required to do so by a court order having valid authority. You further agree that in the event of your account termination either by us or voluntary some or all of your published content may be held in our backup devices, including digital archives stored locally or remotely. In some circumstances it may be necessary for us to restore a backup to the site, which in turn may include previously deleted / removed content such as accounts, media content (including, but not limited to images, text and video clips).

In this event you will not hold us responsible or liable in any way for any subsequently reactivated email notifications or for the fact that your content / account has been reactivated. It is not realistic for us to keep leaving / termination records in this respect. In the event your previously deleted account is reactivated and while we appreciate it may be inconvenient you agree to either notify us requesting direct removal or to remove the account yourself, we will be happy to assist wherever possible in this respect. Ultimately you agree this is a social network where content is freely distributed, commented on and shared and therefore once posted you give consent to such content including but not limited to video clips, photo images and text being distributed throughout the network. In the event the site changes name, owner, server, hosting company, IP address(s) or any other relevant technology required to allow the site to operate or where the site owner wishes to merge with another site or create a new site, you agree your content may be moved without prior consent and that the moving of such content does not require that your account be moved with it and may be shared freely by the site owner on any new or merged site. In addition, you agree the site owner is free to sell of transfer the site including all media and account information without liability to a third party or interested party, in this event these terms and conditions will apply during the transfer / selling process and shall remain in force until or if the new owner wishes to change them.


Information that is stored by about individuals is limited to your email address, username and any information you provided in the registration process. We will not make available to other organizations, companies or users’ period, unless we are forced to by a court of law or where the site is transferred or sold to a new owner. In addition, we delete all traces of IP activity on an hourly basis to protect our users as much as possible. Please note that suspended or terminated accounts will have their IP's recorded in our database, for further information please read our separate privacy policy document. OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS We DO NOT connect to other social networks such as Facebook as this would clearly be dangerous in the sense that members could mistakenly post an item here on their Facebook account they really should not have done and be embarrassed by it or worse.

We are completely stand-alone without live connections to any other sites, what you post here will stay here unless you or someone else manually copies and pastes it elsewhere. You agree that if any content from does appear on another social network, including Facebook that relates to you or your activities on or off this site, that you will not hold us liable or pursue us or embark on litigation proceedings against us. By us we mean the site owner, administrators and moderators, you are perfectly free to pursue any other individuals you feel have breached your confidentiality or caused you harm. ADVERTISMENTS does not use ads and has no plans to do so in the immediate future.

We may change this policy without notice, if it becomes necessary to raise revenue in order to keep the site running. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY In no circumstances will be liable for any claims, costs or damages, whether direct or consequential, arising as a result of your use of the website service or your inability to do so, your reliance on any content and/or goods and services associated with the site or any breach of these terms and conditions. You agree to indemnify and hold, the site owner, administrators and moderators harmless from any loss, liability, demand, claim or legal proceedings brought or threatened, including expenses of any character suffered or incurred arising out of Your use of the Website or the Services in violation of this Agreement, and/or arising from Your use of or conduct on the Website or in use of the Services and/or a breach of this Agreement. CHANGES TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS reserves the right to modify or replace these terms at any time. Any change shall be effective immediately it appears on the site. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms each time you use the service.


Our GDPR policy is as follows and can also be found on our homepage and in our privacy policy.

The GDPR applies to any website or mobile application collecting data from EU residents. is a dynamic social website and does collect limited personal information.  It does use cookies and it does record your IP address. is GDPR compliant, the following specifics apply: We do not hold any financial data, all donations are provided by a third party whom has their own GDPR compliance policy. Our terms of conditions on joining the site, are specific and all members are deemed to have accepted them including providing email address, gender and some personal statistics.

We never send out email, nor do we sell email lists or give them away to third parties. We respect the right to be forgotten and once a member deletes their account all data regarding their account is automatically removed, including images, videos and text posts. We provide a means to download a member’s data via the profile page.  This is in Xml format.  While we provide this function, we provide no support.