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Corner time can be an effective form of discipline naughty boys have time to reflect either before, after or perhaps during their spanking.

A nice warm bottom before bedtime helps bad boys sleep and perhaps some knee time in the mornings too!

Boys bottoms look much cuter when they are red. Tan his bare bottom regularly and introduce the naughty boy to knee times

Help him learn rules and boundaries, always spank at the beginning of naughtiness and spank him well ensuring his bare bottom is nice and red as well as hot.

Regardless of age, an adult boy, once a naughty boy is always a naughty boy and never to old for a good long spanking. Consider regular reviews or maintenance spankings

After he has been punished and spanked boys need hugs, perhaps even soothing. If he has resisted his spanking in anyway, put him in the corner and after some time spank him all over again from the beginning.

Has he been naughty or nice? Make sure you fill his stocking with a nice paddle and hairbrush, it is sure to bring in the new year with a SPANK!.

Cuteness means some nice relaxing evening sessions over your knees. Pouting requires punishment for being a very naughty boy, cheeky sulky or pouty boys need spanked and put to bed