Dec 20 -- Dear James Raul Got Spanked!

by Cal < 100622.2517@CompuServe.COM >

20 December 1996

Dear James,

Your comments and observations were interesting as usual. Tell your Dad I said "hello" and wish I could join you both in London for the New Year.

The Regatta be on in the South and so we all (Mea, Paolo, Niwat, and Rual) took off and went down. A great mini vacation, of sorts, except for Rual. I'd told you we'd been expecting a school report. Well, it arrive in the mail as we were about to leave for the airport. Rual opened it and turned white as a sheet! Paolo wanted to know what was wrong, but he just handed it to him, then it got to me. Actually, it wasn't all that bad for a young lad who'd just recently arrived from a more remote area of Argentina, but there was the comment that "student seems to be experiencing difficulty paying attention in afternoon classes."

"Rual," I asked him, "What does this mean?"

"Ah, I don't know, Sir." was all he replied, but he looked scared.

"Are you having trouble in your classes after lunch?"

"I didn't think so, Sir." he replied, seeming genuinely puzzled. He stood there in his t-shirt and jeans ready for the trip shifting from one foot to the next, trying to think of something else to say. The other boys left the room and left us alone. I read over the report again. Basically he was at an acceptable level given his background and all the adjustment's he'd faced since his arrival. Still, he could do better. I looked at him. His longish hair was seductively over part of his face but his eyes were watery now and he was looking down. He knew the rules and the expectations and he also knew why the other boys had vacated the room. He'd been here now for over a month and during that time he hadn't been spanked though he'd come close several times. He'd watched me spank Niwat, and Mea and his brother, Paolo, too. He looked up at me through those big eyes now watery. He looked about to cry. "I'm sorry, Sir. I'm so sorry, Sir. I can do better next time, Sir."

What could I do? I took him into my arms and hugged him. "I know your can do better, Rual. And you will, I'm sure." I held him tightly, my right hand dropped down and patted his nice firm bottom over his Levi's. His body was tense, yet shaking ever so slightly. I was thinking.

He looked up again. "Are you. . . are you gonna' spank me, Sir?" His eyes were pleading now. "Please, I'll improve it, Sir? Please don't do it to me, Sir! Please, don't spank me, Sir! I'll improve! Are you gonna?"

"What do you think, Rual?" I turned the question back to him. He was already scared to death. My hand was still on his butt.

"Please, Sir, please I'll improve it, Sir" he hadn't answered.

"But what do you think, Rual? Did you miss your goal?" I smiled.

"I guess, yes, Sir, but I can do better," he pleaded.

"But what did I say would happen if you missed your goal?" I smiled again, my hand still on his bottom. Patting it, spanking it lightly, playfully. It felt real good to me!

"Sir, you said you'd have to spank me." He looked down.

"So what do you think, Rual?"

"I think you're gonna' do it, you're gonna' spank me." He was close to tears now.

"Do you deserve it, my boy?" I squeezed his bottom firmly. "You need a nice long trip across my knees to make sure you pay attention more in school, don't you, Rual?"

"Please, Sir, I'll improve it. Please don't spank me, Sir! Please. . ." He seemed about to break down completely, still in my arms.

"Rual, Rual, Rual," I said as softly and kindly as I knew how, "You know what's expected of you and all the others and you know what happens when you fail, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"And you've seen me spank the others when they fail. You've seen me spank Niwat and Mea, and even your own brother despite of his age, haven't you, Rual?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Then you know what's going to happen, don't you? Would it be fair if I spanked only the others but not you?" I looked at him.

"Please, Sir!" He looked very upset and concerned now. But I ignored him and continued, "We're definitely going to take down your jeans and briefs. Definitely down and all the way off for you. And then when you're bottom's nice and bare, you're going over my knees so I can give your bare bottom a nice long spanking, like you need. Understand, Rual?"

"Yes, Sir." He was crying softly now, fear alone. "Are you gonna' spank me now, Sir?"

I should have, I wanted to, and normally I would have, but when I looked at the clock it was certain if I did we'd miss the flight on which we were all booked. _d_a_m_n_ it!

Patting his bottom, I tried to keep his attention yet deal with the realities in the situation, "You'll get your spanking when we're on the Island. No time now." I hugged him, swatted his bottom and said, "Go get the rest of your things and we'll take care of this later." I couldn't tell if he was relieved or not, but he picked up the satchel he was carrying earlier, gathering his things.

"I'm sorry, Sir." Raul said sincerely.

With the driver waiting patiently, the others, trying to figure out if I'd punished the boy at all or if it was all to come, were looking carefully at Rual, who turned even more shy and embarrassed under their stares as we gathered up the remaining bags and took off for the airport. The ride was especially quiet with Mea and Niwat and Paolo not quite sure what to say. They'd all been through it but they also felt sorry for this young one. He seemed to be bitting his lips. He loosened up a little by the time we arrived at the departure gate, but it was still an extremely somber Rual who boarded that plan that day. He knew for sure what was coming. He didn't know where or when, but he knew.

Somehow the beauty of the Islands and the warm waves lapping on the beach as we arrived were lost on Rual that day. Paolo was trying to comfort his younger brother; he'd sat beside him in the plane and even held his hand in a touching gesture (men or boys holding hands or with their arms around each other is common in this part of the world, means nothing but friendship) but even Paolo knew all too well what Rual was facing. He knew I would not go easy on his brother or be anything other than firm and thorough in paddling his brother when the time came. I had always treated each of the guys alike and never believed in "warm up" or "love taps" when a boy was due for discipline even if it was his first time across my knees. Paolo, Rual, and Niwat all knew that. They treated this young boy now who had just arrived only weeks ago "to see how it worked out" with a concern and tenderness that was surprising to watch. I'd never seem them like this before.

It was going to be a nice week mixing work and some vacation on the Islands this time, made even nicer by the sure knowledge that Rual was going to get his jeans pulled down for a good spanking. There is nothing like the first time with a boy like Rual. From the look on his face, it was obvious he was dreading it, worrying about it, and uncertain about lots of things right now. Then at times the other guys were smiling at him, finally it was his turn and Paolo, his brother, was taking the "I told you so" attitude. The guys had bonded by now, each with his own work, contribution and seemed naturally to like each other. Probably the bond was strengthened by each knowing each was spanked exactly like the other when I decided a lesson was called for. No one was ever treated specially or differently. All were valued and respected.

And I was enjoying it all as we made our transition through the airport and took off for my place on the Island!

As we drove through the rubber tree plantations and along the coast with spectacular views of the off shore islands, I chatted with the driver, a friend, but also thought about when and how I'd spank young Rual. My rule has always been to punish an erroring boy on the spot, but that just hand't been possible in this case. With that rule now gone the way of history, there were lots of choices and I had all week to teach Rual a lesson he'd remember for a long time.

As usual, they wanted to hit the beach when we arrived and actually I did to. Rual hesitated, wondering, assuming nothing, until I told him to relax a bit and go too. He went, but he looked anything but relax in his brightly colored speedo-like suit. We played some football (soccer) on the beach with the local beach boys and tossed a ball around in the warm surf, then I floated for what seemed like hours and fell asleep soundly under a palm tree with the gentle breeze and the rhythmic cadence of the gentle waver cascading on the crystal white sand. One of my favorite ways to relax. When I stirred awake, the sun was just setting and the beach was nearly vacant except for Paolo who was sitting there and who seemed to have been sleeping as well.

Mea had arranged dinner on a local terrace for 21:00. Spectacular as ever! The regulars were in a party mood for the Regatta and the population had swollen with guests, even some sprinklings of royalty from around the world. Everyone was in an "up" mood, everyone except, of course, for Rual.

"I suppose you want me to stay here?" He asked quietly, almost gently when the others left for a disco favored by the locals. His shoulder length hair was flowing nicely and his eyes with those huge eye brows glimmer, almost pleadingly. He was dressed in nicely snug jeans, a nice thin leather belt, unnecessary to hold them but attractive anyway,an Island silk shirt (Americans call it a "Hawaiian shirt"), and brown leather sandals.

"What do you think?" I asked. I wasn't sure if I wanted to paddle him tonight or not. After all the mood was dissipated from this morning.

"I tried my best to do the best I could at the new school, but I also know I didn't do as well as I should have for you. I'm really sorry, but I guess, well, everything is so new and all and so different from the ranch in Argentina. Could I have another chance?"

I looked at this young boy standing there in the moonlight under the flickers from the palm branches' shadows. He was handsome, if too young and very nervous, now shuffling on both feel and looking real uncomfortable as we talked there, just the two of us, in that public restaurant. Could anyone hear us? I looked at him pleading with all the non-verbal cues his Latin Indian European blood provided. He was truly handsome and enticing.

"Go back to the house," I finally said after a long, long pause during which he had just stood there becoming increasingly nervous. "You have a key?"

"Yes, Sir." He replied.

"You're not to watch TV, turn or the CD or anything, understand?" He nodded. "Just go into my study and pick one of the corners and stand in it."

He looked horrified and turned violently red, looking down suddenly. "And," I continued, "when I come home I want to find you standing in that corner and waiting, thinking about how you're going to do better. You've earned a nice smacking on your bottom and tonight I'm going to give it to you."

"Sir. . . yes, Sir."

"You've been here over a month now," I kept talking "and though you've come close to getting spanked, so far you've avoided your first one. Tonight's your night. The others all get spanked when they screw up and so do you. That's the rule, plain and simply, my Boy!"

"Yes, Sir. I'll be waiting for you to come home, Sir." He looked liked he was about to cry right there in the public restaurant. He was biting his teeth, shuffling around. Then he nodded, and when I nodded back he turned and left for home, I was sure. I took a cup of coffee, watching the surf glimmer on the beach, and enjoyed the evening. I took my time. I knew what I had to do and would do it. When I'd accepted Rual on this "trial visit" I knew I'd spank him and I'd been looking forward to doing it ever since that first talk we had in the Rome hotel. There is nothing as satisfying as spanking your boy the first time and knowing that once he's had it once, he's going to get it again and again. Boys his age need to learn and the most effective way to get through them is with your hand on their bare bottom applied thoroughly enough until they understand who's in charge. Boys his age, however, forget quickly and once you open the door and begin correcting him, it's a foregone conclusion that you will do it again and again. He knows it and so do you!

When I walked in Niwat, Paolo, and Mea were on the balcony playing cards. The door was open down the hall in my study and Rual was visible there, standing in the corner. He heard my footsteps and stiffened noticeably as I entered the study, shutting the door behind me. I took the straight backed wooden chair out from the side of the room and put in in front of the desk. Then I took a small teak wood paddle, finely sanded and polished out of the upper drawer and sat it on the desk. From my brief case, I retrieved the small leather strap that I always carry along when I travel and any of the boy's are along. I was ready.

I looked over at Rual. He's taken off his Hawaiian shirt and was wearing a simple white T in it's place. It was snug and matched the tightness of his jeans that hugged and cupped in little firm fanny so enticingly, so aggressively. They were too new. They would have to go.

"Come over here, Rual." I said firmly softly but firmly.

He turned and looked, then dropped his eyes and staring at his feet took the few steps to stand in front of me, still not looking at me.

"I'm sorry, Sir." He said quietly. Was he already crying?

"Not as sorry as you're going to be." Was my answer.

I stood up a minute and took his face in my hands, caressing his cheeks, looking into his big beautiful enticingly child-like eyes. They sparked with moisture already. I folded him into my arms, his head resting on my chest as my right hand travelled down his back softly, slowly, and cupped his denim covered bottom. "I'm going to have to spank you now, son." I said.

He seemed to tremble all over as I patted his bottom. "Please, Sir, can't I have one more just, just one more?"

I sat down with him standing submissively in front of me and reached up, unbuckling his think black leather belt, pulling it from it's loops, the sound of it travelling around his waist and out the final loops, then clinking as I tossed it aside. Then I reached up and helped him pull up and over his head he clear white cotton T-shirt. His young but well formed stomach muscled and tiny belly button appeared first and the cotton made it's way up his stomach and chest. Two firm nipples graced his hairless chest which was just beginning to show definition as I raised his arms and helped him out of it. He had a tiny gold chain around his neck that I hadn't noticed him wearing before. It was his brothers. And it highlighted his youthful _s_e_x_uality. Beautiful boy, but I wanted to see more.

I unbuttoned the buttons on his Levis top down and parted them as his white brief came exposed then slowly I tugged then down his well formed and hairless thighs and calfs. Then then fell to his ankles.

"Step out of them, boy." I said. He belt his body reaching down and stepping out of them and as he did his bottom filled out his white briefs snuggly. When he turned to face me again, his basket was fully displayed, the outline of his _c_o_c_k_ showing more than just promise, a small thread of hair disappeared from his belly button down under the front of his briefs.

Then I took his left arm and guided him over my lap. My new boy needed a spanking and I was going to make sure he god a good one. He hung there submissively, struggling only slightly to brace himself, I tugged up his briefs high and patted his bottom, checking him out and know I was not going to be disappointed in spanking my new boy. Then with him hanging over my knees like that I reached over and slowly tugged his briefs down over his bottom, exposing his alabaster white buns that were firm and rather tiny and fully packed, perfect for spanking!

I heard him gasp and felt him tense as they came down, travelling over his bare thighs, knees, calfs, and finally over his ankles and feet until I tossed them aside.He was now bare, naked, except for his white athletic socks that he had donned when he left his sandals outside the front door. All the boys knew the rules permitted them to wear those socks when they were due for a spanking.

I reached under his bottom, between his thighs, pushing them apart, forcing his bare cheeks apart, exposing even more of his bare bottom to my eyes and feel, and dove for his nuts and small pecker, adjusting them carefully. They my left hand went around his waist and took them in my hand firmly. He jerked, not being used to being handled. A boy's easier to control that way when his bottom's reached the inevitable pace that the temperature and pain from his spanking is just that he can no longer control his wiggling and is trying to escape, anything.

Rual's body exhibited nicely his increasing discomfort in his position and his nervousness. The first time is probably always the worst, but I was in no hurry. With his nice bare bottom in my hands clinching and relaxing nervously, my left fingers around his nuts and pecker, there was simply no reason for me to hurry. With my right hand I pushed his thighs apart a bit and let my fingers wind over his buns and when I softly, unexpectedly to him, allowed my middle finger nail to gently come in contact with his young cherry, he let out a "Ouch!" and wiggled.

"Hold still, Boy!" I reminded him, that same finger touching him more intimately.

"I'm trying to, Sir, Please, Sir!"

"You need this spanking, Boy? You deserve it?"

"Up to you, Sir." He couldn't control his whimpering as I continued taking my new boy along, making him mine.

Some might argue it's a shame to take a young bottom that nice on a young developing stud his age and make it red. I don't feel that way. I look upon it as education.

My hand landed hard across both cheeks. He yelled and squirmed increasingly as I picked up the pace, going about my task, warming his young bare bottom, sometimes across both buns, sometimes one or the other, never with warning, never giving him a chance to rest or "get used to it." The boy was being punished, not played with. Oooh and Awheeee's soon turned to whimpers as his buns turned rosy from my hand print, then red, and I was being real thorough, landing that hand everywhere without notice all over his bare bottom from the very bottom and intimately to the top, but never anywhere which would punish him anywhere that his own father wouldn't. This was not a scene or a game. This was his first punishment.

By the time I was finished he was solidly red and sobbing, if rather quietly. I don't count. Don't believe it it. I spanked him and let him hang over my knees crying like that.

Next I picked up the small teak wood paddle, when he turned and noticed what I held, his pleading, begging, promising began in earnest. I just let him, letting him get it all out of his system. His promises made no difference but he was too young to know that. He wasn't being paddled for his future actions toward which his pleas and promises focused. He was being paddled for his past work and that school report. Still he went on, maybe as long as ten full minutes or more!

Finally he was aware I wasn't really listening, just waiting, my hand resting on his red bottom. His whole body when loose and he rather limped now. Limped, that is, until I landed the first crack of that small highly polished teak wood paddle.

"Aheeeeee!" He screamed and jerked violently. "NO! OH, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, NOooooooo. . . .!"

His yelling ended temporary when the second crack landed directly across his bottom.

Thereafter . . . well, Rual's screaming, crying, yelling, pleading, could be heard throughout the entire house, I was sure. He turned out to be an extremely vocal young boy, but I paddled him anyway. Anyone who might have heard would know immediately it was just Cal paddling one of the boy's who had screwed up again.

When I'd decided he'd had enough, I rested my paddle back on the desk. His bottom was very red, streaked, all over, but I'd taken care to blister it thorough without leaving welts or breaking the skin. I never do. After years of doing this, it's not hard. I stood him up in front of me. Facing me with his hands frantically wiping his eyes and forgetting all else, including modesty, I looked him over carefully. Tears were still streaming freely from his eyes and he was then bouncing on his feet, his little pecker moving up in down with the rhythm of the mystical dance he was acting as he rubbed his bottom to no avail. Instead I took him in my arms, my right hand on his real red and very hot bottom. He cried it out and promised and promised and promised. Unfortunately at his age and being all boy, it's only a matter of time until he's across my knees once again. He was clear about the future and what must be improved at school but I stood him back there in the corner to think about it. Then, leaving the door wide open, I went out to the kitchen a poured a drink. Mea, Paolo, and Niwat looked at me knowingly when I joined them. I had just spanked Raul.

"Ah, can I go talk to him a bit?" Paolo, his brother, asked a little bit later?

"Sure." Paolo left and went into the study.

I heard him say, "I told you so." As he entered, and about five minutes later looked in and saw him standing beside his bare younger brother, his right arm around his young shoulder, consoling him.

The rest of the week proceeded without incident. Rual regained his normal smile and posture and on we went. We're back home now. Work's progressing nicely. Rual's smiling and as good as can be and he's, on his own, already gone to talk with his teachers about some extra tutoring and what he can do better. The guy's going to make it. If I were a betting man, which I'm not, I'd bet on the boy and his future. And when he asked me if he could please remain and not return to Argentina and Alejandro's spread and Paolo agreed he'd like his brother to stay on, I agreed and have so advised Alejandro.

Life goes on here